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Alopekos »
Language research

Animoshing »
Ojibwe language and Algonquian language research

Canidtech »
Software development


Multimedia Producer (2019 – present)
Germantown, Wisconsin

I make multilingual videos and other kinds of multimedia texts. I also develop multimedia software.

Dog Trainer (2016 – 2018)
Epic Blue Acres
Ransomville, New York

I worked with a difficult sled dog. See Shila’s Website for more information.

Software Developer (2013 – 2015)
MDT Inc.
Buffalo, New York

I developed multimedia software systems in Java and C for UNIX.

Presidential Fellowship (2009 – 2012)
Music Theory
University at Buffalo

I studied Pyrrhonism and language philosophy.

Master of Arts, Music (2009)
Music Theory
University of Wisconsin-Madison

I studied Erik Satie’s multimedia works.

Pianist (2001 – 2009)
Germantown, Wisconsin

I played piano with a singer for weddings and other events.

Bachelor of Music (2007)
Music Composition, Mathematics
University of Wisconsin-Madison

With additional courses in computer science and linguistics.

Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society (2006)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

For academic achievement.

John Philip Sousa Band Award (2001)

I played the clarinet and piano.

National School Orchestra Award (2001)

I played the violin.